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ZenMate Extension for Google Chrome Opera and Mozilla Firefox

Download ZenMate Extension for Google Chrome Opera and Mozilla Firefox

ZenMate is a very simple, easy-to-use desktop and mobile VPN app that provides basic protection and privacy. ZenMate Extension is best for Google Chrome Opera and Mozilla Firefox. The company was founded in Germany in 2013 and is subject to EU data protection regulations.This is Also Best VPN For Torrenting.

It launched as a browser extension and is a more sophisticated and feature-rich product for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, designed for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. The good news is that you have access to all platforms as part of your subscription.ZenMate Extension for Google Chrome Opera and Mozilla Firefox

Above all, ZenMate is characterized by its speed, although its performance is not always consistent. Data protection performance is mixed: Vulnerable logging policies are undermined by the lack of OpenVPN (the best VPN protocol) and a lack of key features such as a kill switch.

Know More About ZenMate Extension for Google Chrome Opera and Firefox

Although the ZenMate server network is small, it has all the sites that occasional users need. ZenMate is very easy to use and has an attractive interface, but would benefit from more features on the desktop. Customer support was below average: There is some good information on their website, but it is less than comprehensive. It Provides You Private Internet Access. There is no live chat option and the e-mail response was very sketchy.


  • Simple one-button VPN
  • Browser extensions have some smart features
  • Very limited temporary connection metadata logging


  • Few settings and no transparency on protocols
  • Poor performance in speed tests for desktop apps
  • Subpar customer support and information
Speed & Performance of ZenMate Extension


Despite clocking some incredible speeds on its European servers, we are unable to give ZenMate a higher score as it does not offer VPN connections using OpenVPN, the industry-leading protocol. As we use OpenVPN in all speed tests wherever possible, this means it’s not really a fair comparison with those services that do offer this preferred protocol. On top of that, ZenMate is very inconsistent, both from one day to the next and between server locations.

In initial tests, Euro servers maxed out at a paltry 15Mbps download speed and yet the next, they were as much as six times as fast. The North American network was consistently poor however and not good enough to deliver watchable video streams. It was a similar story for Hong Kong, Israel and Australia. Ping time was below average so gamers should look elsewhere.

The browser extensions were more consistent and performed at over 80% of our normal connection speed however we did run into some technical issues (more details in the ease-of-use section below).

Feature ZenMate ExpressVPN NordVPN
Max download speed 90.07 (NL) 62.10 68.46
Max upload speed 86.01 (NL) 30.88 36.52
Ping time 13ms 4ms 5ms
Unlimited bandwidth
Average time to connect 2s 8s 10s
Reliability score 6.4 9.8 9.6
Tested and working with Netflix, Facebook, Google-Gmail, Kodi, Torrenting, BBC iPlayer Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Gaming, Torrenting, Facebook, Twitter, Google-Gmail, Kodi Netflix, Facebook, BBC iPlayer, Torrenting, Twitter, Google-Gmail, Youtube, Kodi
Coverage Locations for ZenMate Extension

With just 25 locations, ZenMate has one of the smallest server networks on the market. If you live outside the major European countries or major Anglo countries, you will probably be disappointed with your search for a truly local option.

Of course, not everyone has to be connected to exotic places. So if you are only interested in the most popular places, like the US, Australia, UK and Western Europe, you are insured. However, very popular places like Mexico, Brazil and Singapore are missing. Check our list to see if ZenMate has what you need. A major disadvantage of a small network, of course, is that it gets more and more clogged and harder for you to lose in the Crowd.

ZenMate Extension’s Ease of use


  • Simple one-button interface
  • Extensions have “cool smart locations” feature
  • Easy to switch servers


  • Desktop apps lack settings and features
  • Lack of transparency about connection details
  • Extensions are a bit buggy

ZenMate Introduced as a browser extension and that’s format when Comparing the New VPN desktop and mobile apps with the full extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. The desktop app is the most basic version of Server Default Chooser and a large Connect button. There is also a lack of compatibility with a wide range of devices (No Linux or Router Installation for Example).

If the idea of ​​Click-and-Forget is your idea of ​​the perfect VPN, then ZenMate can be a good choice for you. We recommend that you optimize further settings, the details of the VPN protocols and the new IP address, and make them more transparent. You’ll find that ZenMate for Windows is a system tray app, and will only show up when you find the icon and click the icon that is a bit flawed.

We recommend the browser extensions, the malware and adracking blockers, that can set up a smart feature for different websites. Why are not they on the desktop app?

It’s just all perfect with the extensions, since we have bugs and need to reinstall in Chrome. We also experienced conflicts when we ran twice in a row. You are not when, Browsing Extensions Only close this browser’s activity while saving other apps.

Is ZenMate Extension compatible with my device?

Feature ZenMate ExpressVPN NordVPN
Linux Manual
Windows Phone Manual Manual
Router Manual
Games consoles Manual

Customer Support ZenMate

The good: we really like the general information about privacy in the Academy section of the ZenMate site. It covers everything from public Wi-Fi safety to Edward Snowden and Net Neutrality. It’s good info even if the presentation is very basic. Troubleshooting FAQs are also well-organised and clear but could also benefit from richer presentation with images and video.

The not-so-good: the website lacks a lot of basic info about the server network and technical specifications of the product. Also, for a product that prides itself on quality support, there’s no live chat and email response was pretty much nonexistent. While the idea of a having bot try to answer your question prior to a human is fine in principle, the execution was poor with irrelevant answers. We never actually received a human response to our initial enquiry and our ticket was deleted, which is disappointing.

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